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Keithanthony Taylor

Hi I'm Keithanthony Taylor founder of Hypnosis Guaranteed. Welcome

Keithanthony's StoryKeithanthony Taylor started his career in 1978 at age 15 with an apprenticeship in electronics. Things went well until in 1978 he experienced a head on motorcycle accident leaving him with major head injuries, and was diagnosed with fully vegetative coma.  When eventually Keithanthony Taylor emerged from coma he had locked in syndrome ie total paralysis. Because of this Keithanthony Taylor was at first unable to communicate his feelings and needs. Eventually he emerged from this state but remained paralysed in the left side.Told that this was permanent, and that Keithanthony Taylor would have to accept this he developed an iron will and was prepared to take as long as it took to overcome the impossible, and after now 34 years struggle he is now able to walk and talk juust as good as anybody.He found that his horrendous 34 year struggle that included major Epilepsy so severe that he broke not only teeth but also ribs and took many days after seizures to recover, gave him a tremendous insight and empathy for the sick and suffering.  Kiethanthony also discovered that he developed an influential voice and studied hypnosis with Stephen Brookes at BHR (British Hypnosis Research), Donald Robertson The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, and many others a gift he now uses to help and encourage the sick in Croydon University Hospital where he is now an influential member of Hospital Radio with Radio Mayday where Keithanthony Taylorvolunteers as a DJ and ward visitor. Keithanthony Taylor soon discovered that he was not only a first class hypnotist, and therapist, but discovered also that he had an amzing gift for public speaking, mentoring, motivation, and marketting. Keithanthony Taylor

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